Sunday, March 4, 2012

Iozzo's Garden of Italy

Last night (you know it was good if I am already posting) we dinned at Iozzo's Garden downtown on S. Meridian. The food was so good...enough said, lets get to the review!

Atmosphere (****) The history of Iozzo's is pretty cool, if you decide to eat here you should defiantly check out their website and read more about it. The building is older so the whole place is exposed brick and dark wood floors, which I love. It's pretty small, with most of the dinning happening in the only room. The place was upbeat and had a old Italian vibe going with the pictures on the wall. 

Service (*****) This made me extremely happy! My fiance had read in a few reviews that the service can at times be not great, but we had a great server. Jessica (she was that good) was really helpful with the menu and made really great suggestions. Our drinks were never empty and all of out food came out at the perfect time. We did have to wait about 10 minutes after our reservation but that is to be expected for a small place that makes you want to sit and chat forever! 
Food/Drink (*****) So we went to Iozzo's last night wanting to try a lot of food, so don't judge us by the amount of food here. I was fully assuming we would just bring a lot of leftovers. Well that didn't happen, we only came home with one box.

Appetizers: Scallops & Goat Cheese/ Meatball Martini (both pictured below): The meat-tini, which is what I have named this tasty treat. BTW my fiance thought this was an actual meatball alcohol beverage. The meatballs are hands down the best ones I have tried. Perfect size, flavor, and texture (that sounds kinda gross), this was a good dish. Next came something really unexpected (well not really that unexpected b/c of the goat cheese), the scallops and goat cheese. You get these crisps and you spread the goat cheese. Then you put roasted red pepper and artichoke hearts on and top it off with a perfectly seared scallop. YUM!
Meatball Martini 
Scallops & Goat Cheese 
Salads: We both got the caesar salad. For the sake of time I will just say it was good. Not the best but defiantly not the worst. The croutons were really good! 

Entrees: Baked Penne with Chicken/Lobster Ravioli (both pictured below): Both dishes were really good. We shared but you get so much penne and chicken that we brought a lot of that home. The ravioli were really plump and filled with lobster, shrimp, and cheese. The penne had lots of cheese and chicken, like it should. The sauce was very different, I think it had hot sauce in it, but very good! 
Baked Penne with Chicken 
Lobster Ravioli
Dessert (*****) We had the two special desserts of the evening and OMG!! OMG!! We got the Salted Carmel Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate drizzle and the 4-Layer Red Velvet Cake. We each got dessert and ate every single bite and then couldn't breathe. Best parts of each: salted carmel amazing and the raspberry syrup on the bottom of the Red Velvet Cake. I will dream about them both. 

Salted Carmel Brownie
4-Layer Red Velvet Cake
Overall (*****) So I am sure you can tell by this point I had a pretty amazing meal at Iozzo's Garden last night. I will defiantly be back. Please go and support a locally owned place that is pretty amazing! 

Iozzo's Garden of Italy
946 S. Meridian St
Indianapolis, IN 26225
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