Sunday, February 19, 2012

Which Wich? Superior Sandwiches

Now that I have about 30 restaurants to write about (not really, but it feels that way), I figured I need to get going on the posts! For those of you who don't venture to Carmel very often, your missing out on a great lunch spot. Which Wich? is what you get when Subway and Quizno's have a baby. Check out the review below to find out Which Wich? you should pick! 

Atmosphere (****) Which Wich? has a fun and upbeat atmosphere and you know it as soon as you walk in. There's a long counter with red sharpie markers where you mark on your brown paper bag exactly what kind of wich you want and what you want on it (say that 10 times fast). Once you have your bag marked, you hand it over to the cashier and grab a drink and chips and wait for the toasted goodness that you are about to devour! 

Service (*****) Each time I have gone to Which Wich? there has been a friendly face there to greet us and make sure we know how to order. The service is fast and my order has been right everytime. You couldn't ask from more from a quick lunch spot. 

Food/Drink (*****) The combination possibilities are endless at Wich? They have cold, hot, vegetarian, lite, kosher, and a million other sandwich options. I played it plain Jane and got the turkey. I think if you mess a turkey sandwich up then you can't do much else right. And it was great! I'm confident since the turkey was great and the place is always busy that pretty much everything is good there. 

Dessert (?) Finally, the dessert. Although I didn't get one (I do have to fit into a wedding dress), the malts are amazing, so I am told. So if you go and want to splurge I would recommend it! 

Overall (*****) I will go to Which Wich? any day of the week for a great lunch. While Carmel might be out of your way, for sure make the trip on a Saturday/Sunday. And there is a new location opening soon on W. 10th St. Check out their website for more info!

Which Wich?
1430 W. Carmel Dr. Ste. 140
Carmel, In 46032

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  1. I almost forgot! Which Wich? Has pellet ice (the best kind of ice) and the pepper relish is awesome!