Friday, February 3, 2012

Late Harvest Kitchen

The time has finally come (the only time I could find in my week) to post the first review and if I must say so, this is a pretty spectacular place to start my food blog off right! Late Harvest Kitchen just recently opened close to our house so I was pretty stoked to try a non-chain place near the Fashion Mall. It did not disappoint!  We went with another couple who we like to try new places with so the amount of food we typically get quadrupled! Here is the breakdown:

Atmosphere (***) Late Harvest is located in a strip mall, not your ideal place for a fine dinning establishment, but they picked the right location for what it is. When you walk in, the entry and waiting area are not as inviting as it could be. They need some art or something to make the space seem more welcoming. Though we didn't get a chance to sit in the bar I did peak in and its pretty cozy with a few tables and a small bar. But walk back into the restaurant and BAM, it's warm (figuratively and literally), its quite and the tables and chairs are very comfortable and romantic.

Service (*****) The service was top notch. Our waiter was knowledgeable about the menu and the drink/wine list and did not steer us wrong the entire night. Anything we asked for we got in no time.

Food/Drink (*****) Pretty much everything (10 items total) we put in our mouth made us go "Mm mm" and that's all we could get out because we wanted to keep eating. But I know that a long blog is not a good blog so I will only highlight 3 items.

Appetizer: Caviar Pie (pictured below): was perfect in every way. There was 5 different kinds of caviar laid out on a wedge of cream cheese which was the perfect vehicle for getting these little morsels in your mouth. The fact that you get to try 5 different kinds is pretty amazing and they were all equally as good as the previous one. And the stuff sprinkled on the side, couldn't really tell you everything in it, but all you need to know is try it!
Entree: Pork cheeks was the best entree of the night and it wasn't even what I ordered! I had a few bites and could tell that this dish was where it's at. The meet was almost like a pork roast; the melt in your mouth type. The cheeks were laid over risotto and brussel sprouts and had a really rich and warm sauce drizzled over the top.

Drink: The Passport (pictured below) is so refreshing and different, I really recommend it. I normally can't drink an entire drink because the alcohol taste is so rough, but this was gone in two minutes. Its a complicated drink, their specialty, with basil and grapes. Defiantly get this when you go!

Dessert (*****) The toffee bread pudding (pictured below) was hands down the best bread pudding I have ever had. You must get it. The sauce and homemade whip topping make the dessert. Best of all: no nuts!

Overall (****) Interesting note: my fiance ordered the apple pie (it look amazing) and the waiter came back to say that the chef wasn't happy with the last two pies and didn't feel comfortable serving them. It brought me back to Top Chef and I heard Tom Colicchio wisper "don't serve it if you aren't proud of it" and knew right away this chef knew what he was doing and this was the type of place where only the best was put in front of you.

Late Harvest Kitchen
8605 River Crossing
Indianapolis, 46240
Mon - Sat: 5:00 pm -10:00 pm
Tel: 317-663-8063

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  1. Sounds like a place Lori and I would like.Thanks for the info...