Sunday, July 1, 2012

Farm Bloomington = Worth the drive!

This morning we ventured down to Bloomington to do a little shopping and eating, but mostly eating! I woke up craving Farm Bloomington and with a lazy Saturday ahead of us, we decided to take a road trip. It is defiantly worth the drive. They are open breakfast, lunch and dinner, but we have only been for brunch so let me know if you've eaten there for dinner. The brunch was perfect today and I hope you try them out!

Atmosphere (*****) Farm Bloom is located on Kirkwood right by the square and all of the great little shops near campus. The restaurants inside fits the name perfectly and from the get go you feel at home. Quilts, farm equipment, fun light fixtures create a really laid back atmosphere.

Service (****) The service at Farm Bloom is good. They are not rushing to get you out of there so you can sit and relax and have conversation. Our drinks were never empty and the food was hot when we go it, which is what I like to see. There are two different kitchens, I am not sure which does what, but that did make our food come out at different times, but only like 2 minutes apart. Nothing to write home about.

Food (*****) The menu is pretty diversified. The have your savory breakfast and lunch items like omelets, breakfast pizza, burgers,  and the sweet like french toast and the hot cereal. I have wanted to get the french toast from the first time we went but it has orange in it so I can't. They had 3 special omelets with lots of different ingredients like peppers, gouda, and pork belly.
This time I got the Hot Cereal: dried black cherry & chocolate chip cream of wheat, thick cut peppered bacon, and wheat toast. It was delightful. The cream of wheat really tasted of black cherries and chocolate. It was really smooth with chunks of cherry and the wheat toast dipped in it was out of this world. 

I had gotten the bacon before so I already knew I was getting it no matter what. It has crisp parts for me and the floppy parts that my fiance likes and the portion is perfect for 2!
My fiance got the Hoosier Benedict. Biscuits topped with sausage gravy and eggs over-easy with peppers and breakfast potatoes. This was the kind of dish that gives you the perfect bite. When you get some biscuit, gravy, eggs, peppers and a few potatoes all on the fork its like an explosion in your mouth! This was a great dish. 
Dessert (?) I could not get one, but I would be a bad provider of food information if I didn't tell you about the cinnamon rolls. They have pecans baked in and poured on top so they are out for me, but I may risk the nut thing for this roll. Its drenched in cinnamon goop and smell divine! Plus the roll is the size of your head so it's totally appropriate for your meal. 

Overall (*****) This place is so good and next time your in Bloomington you must stop. Or if you want to take a drive one morning, I'd head their way. Great service, food, and atmosphere plus it's near all kinds of fun stuff. 

Farm Bloomington 
108 E. Kirkwood Ave. 
Bloomington, IN 47408 

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