Sunday, June 24, 2012

Good morning: Eggshell Bistro

This weekend we wanted to try a new brunch place and ended up sitting at the Eggshell Bistro in Carmel. Eggshell is one of the new restaurants at the Carmel City Center along with the newcomer Divvy and a Carmel favorite: Mangia. The City Center is conveniently located just off the Monon Trail. So take an early morning bike ride and stop in at the Eggshell Bistro to enjoy some tasty brunch fare. 

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Atmosphere (***) I would expect no different in Carmel, but I have to say that the decor is a little much for such a tiny place. There were only about 10 tables inside and it was pretty cramped. However, the tables are cute and cozy and there is outdoor seating, which is a big plus. 

Service (**) As noted above, Eggshell is pretty small, so I was kind of shocked that the service was so slow. Don't get me wrong, we were in no hurry so this was not an issue per se, but you'd think they would want to turn tables quickly because of the 5+ parties waiting. The waitress just seemed overwhelmed and I get that happens sometimes, but I didn't even get the tea I ordered until our meal came. 

Food/Drink (****) Again with the tininess, the portions were pretty small for the price. But once you bit into your meal you didn't even notice! I had the potato frittata and a side of seasonal fruit. The frittata  was stuffed with gold and purple potatoes topped with a roasted heirloom tomato and dollop of goat cheese. The egg was cooked perfectly, which made the whole thing come together nicely. The fruit was crisp and there was a great variety of things like grapes, kiwi, and berries. 

My fiance got the Berkshire sandwich and when they set it down WOW my mouth was watering! Placed between a pretzel bun is an over-easy egg, two thick pieces of pork belly, pickled red onion and greens. The pork belly was really flavorful while having the crispy edges I look for in bacon-type meat. The runny yoke (not my favorite) was perfectly cooked. The only downfall was there was little to no dressing on the side salad. 

Overall (****) The food really is the highlight of Eggshell, which is how it should be. I am not rushing to get back there, but if I am in Carmel looking for breakfast, this is where I would head. Hopefully as they get in their groove the service will improve. 

Eggshell Bistro
Carmel City Center
51 West City Center Drive 
Carmel, IN 46032

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